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jan 180
jan 180

adidas Gloro 16.1 – one of the most underrated boots on the market

So the Gloro is amazing. I’m gonna write more about it later, but check out that toebox with a super soft grade-A kangaroo leather. Comfort and touch is through the roof all for just 100EUR which IMO is pretty good. Get it here;¬†

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sep 170
sep 170

One of my most favourite pair of boots ever – Mizuno Morelia Neo

So this is me blogging about some football boot. I loooove me some boots.

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Football boot nerd

Most likely referred to as a nerd more often than not. Proud of it.

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Jay Mike. 1988. Denmark. Copenhagen. Unisportlifer. Boyfriend. Boot nerd.
  • 2016

    Unisport WebTV presenter

    Working as a presenter for Unisport WebTV doing reviews, Tech Talks, Uncuts and Unboxings and have helped the channel grow from the ground up to 240.000 subscribers.

  • 2016

    Boot Nerd

    First and foremost, I am a huge football boot nerd. This is where it all started, this is where my passion originates. I love the storytelling, innovation and technology that goes into creating products and have a vast knowledge on tech and history on boots from all brands.

  • 2016

    Football Boot Collector

    Unlike a lot of collectors, I only collect the boots I REALLY want such as limited edition Mercurials and other strictly limited or iconic boots. My favourite is the Nike GS made in 2012 pairs.

  • 1997

    Manchester United supporter

    I fell in love with Manchester United in 1997 and that affection only grew when they played in Denmark against Brondby. That love hasn't died and I'll follow the club no matter how far it'll fall before things are restored to how it should be.

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